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Parental Alienation Support & Intervention

About PASI

Introduction & Background

Since 1996, founder Joan T. Kloth-Zanard recognized the trauma that parents and children were experiencing due to high conflict divorce (HCD), Psychological Abuse/Parental Alienation (PA). A need existed for prevention, intervention and support groups online to help counteract and intercede in situations of PA.  After years of research, study, education and experience, Parental Alienation/Psychological Abuse Support and Intervention (PASI) was created to help protect and support families.  PASI is an international federally tax-exempt non-profit organization for the prevention and intervention of Parental Alienation and the hidden disabilities it causes in the form of abuse that destroys parent-child relationships.

We believe in healing, preserving, protecting children and their families because Custodial Interference is not healthy for children and other living things.


Our Story:


Founded in the state of Connecticut, PASI understands and acknowledges the trauma parents and children have gone thru and the bravery it takes to pick up the phone or email asking for help. We respect and provide relentless support and believe in the importance that all healthy parents must be a beacon of hope for their children and be the healthy parent to support their children.


Founded in July 1996, by Joan Kloth-Zanard, PASI was officially established as a 501c3 non-profit on June 21, 2011. We have over 50 chapters around the world. PASI strives to prevent and intervene in positive ways to stop the destruction of parent-child relationships that are being perpetrated by the other parent, extended family member or an agency. When a person or agency interferes with a healthy parent-child bond, they are actually using psychological abuse. We provide 24/7 crisis management.


Our focus is to prevent and intervene in the snowball effect of this type of hostile and aggressive parenting that leads to psychological and systemic abuse. A major part of this

organization's work involves online support groups that have been running since 2000 for mothers, fathers, grandparents and family members whose relationship with their children is or has been impeded. PASI provides FREE services.

The founder and executive board members have personally experienced the silent epidemic that they each felt must be acknowledged which are affecting mothers and fathers. They saw the problem of abuse they were dealing with daily needed to be addressed.

Current research indicates over 22 million adults have been targets of parental blocked access of children in the United States. An estimated 10 million adults have experienced what they perceive to be severe trauma from their children. Even so, the clinical problem of parental psychological abuse has been underreported and underappreciated in the public at large. It is a silent epidemic that is destroying and impacting our nation. PASI was started to help all genders and children of all races, colors, creeds, nationalities, from all economic levels to put an end to this abuse in the United States and internationally.

Mission Statement

To Preserve and Protect Families because...Divorce War is not healthy for children and other living things

Our mission is to change the face of divorce by moving families forward in a positive relationship focused manner.  Specifically, PAS International Foundation hopes to accomplish this through awareness, education, support groups, research, resources, prevention and intervention tools to the public and the professionals, who support those affected by high conflict relationships.  With increased awareness of this pattern of behavior now known as Parental Alienation/Custodial Interference/Etc., there is a greater chance as a professional, as a community and as a society to better support, intervene and heal unhealthy relationship patterns for the sake of children and other livings.


Our Mission: Eradicate parental psychological abuse in the lives of all families

We are an international non-profit offering support and advocacy to parents and children

experiencing the unfathomable pain and trauma experienced by families affected by blocked access between parent and child. We provide instruction to professionals to educate them on the dynamics of this psychological and systemic abuse.


  1. Change the face of families so that children have both healthy parents in their lives;
  2. Children’s natural right to be nurtured & guided by both healthy parents is fully honored;
  3. Society treats healthy fathers & mothers as equally important to the well-being of their children;
  4. Children are happier & more successful because their loving bonds to their healthy parents are protected after parental separation or divorce; and,
  5. The courts arrange finances after separation or divorce so that both healthy mothers & fathers can afford to house and care for their children & themselves