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Parental Alienation Support & Intervention


PAS Intervention by way of Joani Kloth-Zanard has developed several tools that can help with family court cases.

1) Red Flag Behaviors

This tool has over 200 red flag actions/behaviors that a parent will use to impede a relationship between parents and children.  It is an excel sheet that automatically tallies up numbers.  But more importantly, many of these red flags are things that parents do not realize also constitute impediment issues.  The cost if $9.99.

2) Color Coded Calendar

This product helps to show a pattern of behavior using a calendar and colors to designate various categories such as visitation, medical, education issues.  Like a Timeline, it can help a professional or judge to see what has been happening.  The cost is $9.99.



3) How to Write a Chronology

The below document teaches you how to write a proper chronology also using colors to show a pattern of behavior. 

How To Write a Chronology

4) 3 Strikes You're Out!  

This is free to use and request that the courts enact. This program only allows for 12 weeks and 3 chances for a parent to comply.  It includes penaltiese that triplicate each time the parent violates a condition of this program.  

The courts have a very hard time determining what is truly going on in cases of custodial interference where there is coercive control and domestic violence by proxy.  This is why we developed a program called “3 Strikes You’re Out”.  This program typically runs 12-weeks and allows only 3 chances, known as strikes, for parents to comply with the court’s orders.  Each strike garners a penalty that triplicates in severity.  The 1st Strike is a $200 fine, and/or 5 days of community service with parentless children, and/or 5 Days of extra time to the deprived parent.  The 2nd Strike, becomes $600 and 15 days while the 3rd Strike becomes $1800 and 45 days.  A judge can use all of the penalties or some of the penalties.  At the end of the 12 weeks, if there have been no strikes, this is like getting 3 months or 84 days of positive parenting time with the children.  This, in turn, helps negate any further claims against the other parents and their parenting skills.  If, at the end of the 12 weeks, the offending parent starts in again with alienating, the program starts all over and any previous strikes continue into Stage 2.  But if a parent gets 3 Strikes, they lose custody and must pay for Intensive Reunification Therapy.  Another bonus is that this is a great way for the courts to also make $2600 in fees from parents thus creating a further deterrent to impeding the relationships.  This program can be tailored to fit any cases needs such as swapping out reunification therapy for High Conflict Institute’s “New Ways for Families:” program for the parents and specialized therapy to address the child/ren’s executive functioning and critical thinking skill delays.

3 Strikes You're Out Document Explanation

3 Strikes You're Out Powerpoint