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Parental Alienation Support & Intervention

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Becoming a member is easy, just click the link below and complete the intake form and membership fee.  Also, make sure to read all the way through as we provide you important information on how to do a proper chronology/timeline to help show the pattern of behavior.

Membership comes with many benefits.  Those Membership Benefits include but are not limited to:

1) Unfettered access to all areas of the website

2) Free Webinars and support group meetings both internationally and where available, locally.

3) Free Directory of professionals and experts.

4) Free directory of scientific research, studies, articles and other documents

5) Reduced rate consulting

6) Reduced rate Generic expert testimony under qualified circumstances

7) Almost unlimited Email communication.  Please be reasonable as the person doing the responding is a volunteer.

Please know that we are working to fine tune and expand these benefits as best as we can.  But remember this is an all volunteer service.